Unity Mutual Insurance Company

Unity Mutual Insurance Company
One Unity Plaza
Franklin Square,
Syracuse, NY 13250
(800) 836-7100
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Founded in 1903, Unity Mutual Insurance Company has been providing security to its policyholders all over the country. Unity Mutual is headquartered in Syracuse, New York and is licensed to do business in all U.S. states and the District of Columbia. As a mutual company, the company is owned by its policyholders, serving their needs foremost before gaining profits. As a New York based insurer, the company is regulated by the New York State Insurance Department, known as one of the premium insurance regulatory bodies in the country.

Unity Mutual takes pride in its history and tradition. They have always been focused on the future, getting strength from the success of its memorable past. The company was first known as Imperial Order Tycoons, and changed its name to Unity Insurance Society in 1908. It again changed its name to Unity Protective Insurance Association in 1918. Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 1928, the company became The Unity Protective Insurance Association. The company changed its plan of operation from an association to a mutual life insurance company, becoming Unity Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York in 1957. Through the years, Unity Mutual has merged with numerous insurance companies and expanded its territories.

Products offered by the company include Unity Mutual’s Millennium which is an endowment to age 100 policy supplying stable protection all through the life of the insured, with premiums to be paid throughout the insured’s lifetime. This policy also accrues cash value. Unity Mutual’s Horizon policy, on the other hand, is made up of three endowment plans to provide final expense coverage. Funeral expenses, unsettled bills such as medical or utility bills and loan balances such as mortgage, auto or credit cards may be included. It can even cover any expense that the insured might leave behind.

Unity Mutual believes in the personal pursuit of financial security. It makes quality life insurance and financial products and services available to individuals for them to achieve that security. Unity Mutual merges its varied talents, ground-breaking products, and technology to compete successfully in selected markets.

The company focuses upon America’s mature and senior population. This mature section of the population is increasing not just in numbers, but also in wealth. One of the needs of this population is financial protection. Unity Mutual’s solid background in life insurance and annuities makes it well positioned to serve this vital need of the senior population.

Unity Mutual also has an extensive history of giving back to the community. Sponsoring, supporting and participating in various community-based events and organizations are ways the company does to make itself involved. Employees take time away from work to participate in a one-on-one mentoring program at a local Syracuse middle school. The company also

The company’s Board of Directors include Steven Aiello, Sharon Brangman, Patricia Civil, Arnold Gough, Jr., George Hornig, John Mannion, Terence Mannion, Joseph Masella, Nola Miyasaki, Mark Muhammad, Robert Pietrafesa, Elaine Ryan, Kenneth Shaw, Edward Slaby, and Patrick Mannion who heads the company as Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President.

As of year-end 2009, Unity Mutual has admitted assets of $277,027,000 policy reserves of $259,985,000 and surplus of $17,041,000.