Unum Insurance Company

Unum Insurance Company
1 Fountain Sq
Chattanooga, TN 37402
(423) 294-1011

Unum Insurance Company is a Fortune 250 company, specializing in disability insurance, group life, long term care and voluntary benefits. It is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with corporate offices in Portland, Maine; Worcester, Massachusetts; Glendale, California; and Columbia, South Carolina. Its UK division is located at Dorking, Surrey, United Kingdom. Kevin McCarthy is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Unum US.

A workforce of 10,000 employees sustains Unum’s disability, long term care, life and voluntary insurance products. The company delivers innovative benefits for employees, and is also a market leader in providing disability and long term care insurance in the United States.

For four generations, the company’s products and services has kept the needs of various markets. The Unum mission is to be the chief provider of employee benefits products and services that assist employers in managing their businesses and help employees in protecting their families and livelihoods. Unum is also an institution of integrity. It is a company founded on openness, respect for others, trust, and professionalism. The company is committed in service to its key stakeholders, such as brokers, claimants, employers, employees, regulators and shareholders. Unum strongly believes in the positive impact it has on the businesses it helps protect, a principle exemplified in its corporate vision and values. The company has the conviction of accountability as well. Unum accepts responsibility for its actions, and learns from its experience.

In addition, one of Unum’s core values is having a solid commitment to social responsibility. The company puts specific emphasis on playing a part to positive change in the communities where its employees live and work. Helping the communities become better is an extension of its dedication to help employers manage their businesses and employees protect their families and livelihoods.

Unum’s short term and long term disability coverage returns a part of income when an employee is not able to work, whether the absence is due to routine maternity leave or serious sickness. The company’s long term care insurance assists in covering the costs of long term care, and provides options in where it takes place. Unum’s insurance products help families financially after the loss of a loved one. Unum also delivers its service to the aging workforce, increasing ethnic diversity and changing family demographics. It provides choice in funding, flexible coverage options and simplified administration. There is extensive employee benefits education that aids workers in understanding what coverage they need, what are the choices they have and what is the value of their benefits. Unum also offers supplemental health and critical illness benefits to help employees fill in financial gaps in their medical plans when untoward occurrences happen. Unum’s know-how in benefit plan design aids employers in balancing cost and risk. This allows them to offer a broad range of choices cost-effectively to their employees.

Aside from quality products, Unum US works industriously to create significant and long-term connections with its clients, their employees and the benefits they depend on. The company offers a wide range of benefits solutions to deliver that commitment, thus meet the needs of both employers and their workers. Aside from employee benefits education, Unum also provides enrollment services and advanced claim support.