Wellington Insurance Company

Wellington Insurance Company
6801 Calmont Ave.
Ft. Worth, TX 76116

One of the gray areas that divides our knowledge (or the lack of it) in insurance products and services is the security that we afford to our properties. We have been a little complacent about the fact that residential security is part and parcel of the house and lot package that we have purchased. There may be times that we are simply at a loss when confronted with the question: How do we protect our homes from loss and unforeseen damages?

Fortunately, Wellington Insurance Company is there to answer and fill this gap. Wellington Insurance Company underwrites policies for residential properties for its policyholders. Aside from this, the company also offers other products that are designed to provide its costumers with numerous choices with regard to the policies that they will get, while maintaining reasonable rates for their services.

Wellington Insurance Company is located in Oklahoma and is authorized to provide its services and products to consumers living in Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Texas.

Wellington Insurance Company has a solid financial reputation that is verified by the following financial ratings: an “A” rating for Exceptional from Demotech and a “B+” rating for Very Good coming from A.M Best Company, Inc.

Wellington Insurance Company belongs to the Wellington Insurance Group, one of the most financially stable and solid financial groups in the region that offers customized range of products and services to its policy owners and consumers. The Wellington Group has the unique reputation of mixing high technology with great costumer service. These dual edges are two reasons that make Wellington Insurance group one of the great giants in the insurance market.

Consumers can be assured of financial stability with their partnership with Wellington. As a general rule, Wellington only forms affiliations with companies having excellent financial structure and security. An additional security measure that the company undertakes is its provision of a reinsurance policy for its costumers through reinsurance companies having excellent ratings as rated by A.M Best Company, Inc.

One unique provision that the company is known for is its dedication to helping customers back on their financial feet after the devastating financial and residential loss. This may be due to natural calamities such as hurricanes or other external factors. Wellington Insurance is a company that cares about its policy holders, and acts on this care through responsive financial assistance. Wellington Insurance carries property insurance policies that protect Texan homeowners from the simple damages to those that can be attributed to the following: natural phenomena (hail, storms) and man-made perils (fire, and civilian commotions).

The next time you sit down and consider your security options, do not forget to include the security of your home in the list. Finding a great security service to protect your personal and financial investments is not a long and difficult task. There are several companies, like Wellington Insurance Company, that can take the load off your shoulders. Why persist to worry if you can opt for security and peace of mind?