West Coast Life Insurance Company

West Coast Life Insurance Company
343 Sansome Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

West Coast Life Insurance Company offers term life insurance, life insurance for survivors and annuity products. It is an insurance company founded in 1906, based in San Francisco, California with additional offices in states such as Georgia, Michigan, and Nebraska. It also operates as a subsidiary of Protective Life Insurance Company.

Protective Life Insurance Company was founded a year later than West Coast Life Insurance Company. They are heralded as a holding company, one that owns other companies’ outstanding stock or has subsidiaries, offers financial and insurance services through the administration, production, and distribution of different investment and more important, insurance products. Its main goal is to improve the quality of lives of its policyholders, associates, and representatives and other employees.

Together, these two insurance companies make sure that it delivers reliable and professional service to its policyholders. Their superior reputation is founded in part of absolute values such as quick response, quality, service to the people, and stable growth. Aside from these values, West Coast Life Insurance has adopted the five cardinal principles of Protective Life, which are the following: Focus on the customer; continuous improvement; equip, empower, as well as liberate individuals and trust in their ability and willingness to become better; concentrate on what would be for the long-term and for the betterment of the process, and for its team; and the usage of statistical analysis to understand and improve its processes in carrying out obligations to its clients.

Both West Coast Life and Protective Life insurance companies view these principles as communication tools necessary to bring out quality in their service to its policyholders.

Specifically, West Coast Life provides term and term-like life insurance, which provide protection for a certain period of time, universal life insurance, which provides life-long insurance but with particular premium requirements that need to be met; Survivor Life Insurance, which covers the lives of two persons who are insured, and the death benefit is given when the last of these two persons insured dies; and annuities, which are insurance contracts, which payments can be set regularly to aid in meeting the needs of people saving for their retirement. A.M Best has ranked West Coast Life Insurance Company with A+, which means that it has a superior capability to meet its financial obligations with its clients.

If its extensive history will be discussed, it is best to note that it was established in March 1906 when a small, prominent group of businessmen gathered in San Francisco to arrange a company which is passionate to serve the insurance needs of those living in the west coast. Either born or bred into affluence, they represented a cross section of the American populace that created the economic and social framework of the new west. West Coast Life is deemed as the oldest life insurance company, and is one of the few companies which take pride in a heritage that extends to more than ninety years. Its slogan is “The Spirit of the West” persists to reflect its forefathers’ visions and become the motivating force behind this insurance company’s many “firsts” in the industry.