Western Southern Life Insurance Company

Western Southern Life Insurance Company
400 Broadway St
Cincinnati, Ohio

Since its founding in 1888, this company has had one objective: to produce high-quality personalized service. The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company (Western & Southern Life) has committed to one basic principle, and that is their service to policyholders. Their personalized recommendations stem from each person’s individual needs. This personal touch is what the company is known for, and what they take pride in.

The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company serves various markets: individuals, families, and businesses in the middle-income market. They have more than 180 offices in 22 states and the District of Columbia, and they provide more than 2,100 licensed and qualified field personnel to assess your situation and give you excellent professional advice. The company offers services for traditional whole life and Critical Illness insurance. Aside from that, there also exists the Western-Southern Life Assurance Company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Western and Southern Life Insurance Company. The subsidiary offers Universal Life, term and annuity products. The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company will give you a grand experience with insurance and investments, giving you the right options for planning for the future.

What specific products do they offer? They offer Life Insurance Products: Term, whole life and universal insurance. For Annuity Products, they offer single-premium deferred, single-premium immediate, flexible-premium deferred, non-tax qualified and tax-qualified products. For Investment products, they offer mutual funds and variable-rate products. Finally, they also offer Health Insurance Products, which include critical illness and accidental death. As of the fiscal year ending sales of December 2008, the company had made an estimate of $2.6500M.

They are a member of the Western & Southern Financial Group. This is a group of financial companies with a goal to satisfy your needs. The companies within the group aim to provide attainable and affordable life insurance, investment products and retirement reviews suited for each individual’s future. With this, the Western and Southern Life Insurance Company, along with their affiliate companies and professional personnel, can help you with more than just your life insurance needs. They can also assist you with other aspects, from mutual funds to variable annuities and more.

The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Western & Southern Financial Group, is recognized by financial analysts and experts for its financial stability and operating performance. As of May 2010, they have a number of impressive ratings up on their website, showcasing the integrity of their stability and performance. The company was rated as ‘A+ Superior’ from the A.M. Best’s rating system. This rating system provides a general opinion of a company’s capacity to meet its obligation to policyholders. ‘A+ Superior’ is the second highest of the 16 possible ratings. This rating is only one example of the many remarkable ratings that the company has received.

Aside from their high financial ratings, the company also assures first-class customer service. The company was ranked No.3 in the life insurance industry by the Customer Respect Group from the Second Quarter 2010 Online Customer Respect Study of Life Insurance Industry Web Sites. As stated, the Western and Southern Life Insurance Company received an “Excellent Rating”. Aside from their large number of accessible offices and personnel, they also offer Nationwide Call Center coverage and their website that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Anyway, Anywhere, Anytime. This is what the Western Southern Life Insurance Company promises.