Yosemite Insurance Company

Yosemite Insurance Company
601 N.W, 2nd Street
Evansville, IN 47708

Yosemite Insurance Company was established in California in 1964, but in 1998, its incorporation was transferred to Indiana. All of its stocks are owned by American General Finance Corporation. This provides services on consumer finance in the United States and also deals with marketing the products of Yosemite Insurance. Yosemite Insurance Company is allowed by the state to conduct its businesses in forty seven states and focuses in insurances which are credit related, and in affiliation with the consumer finance operations of American General Finance.

On the part of the purchaser, they deal with buying properties that are credit related as well as coverage for casualties, insurance for involuntary unemployment is voluntary. However, coverage for property damage, with property pledged as collaterals for loans is deemed as mandatory.

American International Group is the mother company for Yosemite Insurance Company. This operates worldwide as a big organization of insurance subsidiaries. Among Yosemite’s other lines such as inland marine, fire, unemployment, and allied lines of insurance, the insurance line for private passenger auto physical damage is deemed to be its largest, in terms of written premiums.

In 2005, 15.9% of direct premium writings came from California next would be Illinois at 10.3%, then North Carolina at 9.7%, and after that, Indiana at 8.4%. Principally, American General Finance Corporation is the one responsible for the selling of insurance policies, in association with transactions on consumer credit. Though it has other lines of credit related insurance services, it focuses on insurance for private passenger auto physical damage sold together with loans for automobiles.

According to AM Best, an organization which rates the financial strength of those organizations delving in financial services, Yosemite Insurance Company has a rate of A. This means that it has the excellent capability to meet their ongoing financial obligations with their clients.

The Yosemite Insurance Company is part of the American General Finance Corporation. This mother company was established in Evansville, Indiana in the year 1920. It offers loans, retail financing, and products which are credit related to about a million families in forty states, as well as in the countries of United Kingdom, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

It also provides loans for bill consolidation, home equity, home improvement, personal loans, vacations, and even unexpected expenses. Since its establishment, it has provided the kind of consumer lending products which its clients need. It has a kind of financing that is cost-efficient, and is moved by excellent customer service which is able to meet the needs of a diverse number of merchants in and around of the state, by its retail programs which are on installment, as well as revolving.

The branch offices of American General Finance Corporation can be found in various cities and communities through out the country. Most of the time, they are found in very visible locations such as near shopping centers. On average, the staff of each branch consists of a branch manager and two to three additional employees.

Yosemite Insurance Company is influenced by the kind of service that its mother company gives. American General Finance Corporation is known for its personal touch, and thus encourages its employees to build a professional, yet close working relationship with its policyholders.