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AAA Insurance
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The American Automobile Association, a non-profit service organization and automobile lobby group was founded in 1902 with just a thousand chartered members. Since then the association has grown and branched out to different regional and local clubs. It was first and foremost an auto club that shared road maps, hotel guides and ran safe-driving programs across the country. It’s a member of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile.  Today, AAA has come a long way; they are the one of the top sellers of vehicle insurance and have over 50 million members, AAA Insurance Company and its affiliated insurance companies, show the financial stability of the companies and project a positive outlook for the future. AAA Insurance enjoys an A.M Best high rating of A- and assets of around $1.2 billion.

In the early 90’s American Automobile Association went into the insurance business and AAA Insurance was born.  AAA clubs now provide a wide range of insurance products and services to their members and the general public. Some types of insurance policies are offered as benefits for being an AAA club member. Products and services include automobile, term life, accident, health, homeowners and renters insurance. Many AAA local and regional offices offer products from insurance companies owned and operated specifically for AAA members. Though these services are not offered by all clubs, similar coverage is offered in different forms. They offer travel and accident insurance at no additional cost to the members or travel agency customers who use AAA. This includes accidental death benefits with options to purchase a higher plan.

TripAssist® travel insurance program provides 24-hour emergency access to medical, legal and travel-related services. The program also provides comprehensive insurance benefits for trip cancellations and interruption in unavoidable situations like job loss, harsh weather or a death in the family. The program can also give benefits for travel accidents, medical expenses and lost baggage for higher plans.

Members can also avail of AAA Vehicle Extended Warranty for coverage of major repairs when warranty expires. The plan includes of any licensed repair facility, plan deductible can be reduced from $100 to $50 if the vehicle is taken to any AAA Approved Auto Repair (AAR) facility. The club also provides a bail bond service to members with $1,000 Guaranteed Arrest Bond and up to a $5,000 Bail Bond for covered traffic violations. This is, of course subject to specific state limitations.

Planning your trips will be a breeze with AAA; they can handle land, sea and air travel tickets and even the details of your travel for a minimum fee. They have offices all over the United States that can be easily located by putting your zip code to their website. The organization gives a lot of options from small to high plans, limits on deductibles and discount. AAA takes care of all your needs by providing protection and assistance at home, on the road, sea or air with easy access to local AAA clubs across America.