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Founded in 1890 in Berlin, The Allianz Group today is one of the top providers of integrated fiscal services in the world. Its opening of a branch office in London in the 19th century was its first step in becoming an international company. Worldwide business activities were slowly resumed after the Second World War. An office in Paris was the opened in the 1950’s followed by an office in Italy in the 1960’s. In the 1970, the company expanded to the United States, Great Britain, Spain, Brazil, and the Netherlands. It later acquired Cornhill Insurance in 1986 and also purchased a stake in Riunione Adriatica di Sicurità in Milan.  This move reinforced its presence in Southern and Western Europe in the 1980’s. The company then established a presence in Hungary in the 1990’s. During the said decade, it acquired the American insurer Fireman’s Fund and Assurances Generales de France in Paris.

Allianz now operates as a global insurer in nearly every continent. Still deeply-rooted in Northern, Southern, and Western Europe, it is rapidly becoming a leading insurance company in Eastern and Central Europe as well as in the Asia Pacific.

With a presence in around 70 countries and 152,000 employees worldwide, the Allianz Group serves upwards of 75 million customers. The company is a clear market leader when it comes to insurance in Germany while also maintaining a strong presence internationally.

During the 2009 fiscal year, the Allianz Group earned total revenues of nearly 98 billion euros. Allianz also manages approximately 926 billion euros in assets, making it one of the most trusted asset manager in the world.

Allianz Insurance relies not only in the quality of their fiscal performance but also on global diversification, a reduction in complexity, and a management approach that is based on values, as well as placing a premium on their employees are factors that are important in sustaining the growth of their competitive vigor and corporate value.

The strategy adopted by Allianz is simple and that is to establish the world’s most stable financial community. To pursue this goal, they are guided by their management priorities and fundamental principles. They also believe that they can earn the confidence of their customers and stakeholders by giving the highest level of integrity, expertise, and sustainability.

The Board of Management of the company is composed of ten members headed by the Chairman of the Board of Management, Michael Diekmann who is also the Chief Executive Officer.  The other members of the board are Dr. Christof Mascher – Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Paul Achleitner – Finance, Oliver Bate – Controlling, Reporting, Risk, Dr. Gerard Rupprecht – Insurance for countries speaking German and Allianz Banking,Clement B. Booth – Global Insurance Lines & angle Markets, Enrico Cucchiani – Insurance for Europe and South America, Dr. Joachim Faber – Asset Management Worldwide,  Jay Ralph – NAFTA Markets,  and Dr. Werner Zedelius – Insurance Growth Markets.