Allied Insurance Company

Allied Insurance Company
1100 Locust Street # 2002
Des Moines, IA 50391-2002
Ph (515) 280-4211

If you are looking for property and casualty insurance, Allied Insurance is for you. Allied Insurance specializes in property and casualty insurances. The Company was established in 1929 and is located in Des Moines, IA. Allied Insurance also has offices in Sacramento, California; Denver; Lincoln, Nebraska; Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.

There are more than 4,000 employees in this Company all throughout the U.S. One of the Company’s prides is President Marty O’Brien, who has been recently inducted to the TMPAA Hall of Fame.

Allied Insurance offers fire, marine, and casualty insurances.  They also offer direct property and casualty insurance carriers.  Particularly, Allied Insurance is focused on serving wood products, scaffold, cranes, equipment rental, party goods industries, and human services.

In 1998, Allied Company merged with another insurance Company named Nationwide Insurance. This Company is based in Columbus, OH. When it comes to diversified insurance organization, Nationwide Insurance is one of the most elite and largest Company. They also do financing services.  Nationwide Insurance focuses on auto and home insurances and there are more than 35,000 employees throughout the world. Since the merge in 1998, Allied took over the responsibility for all of Nationwide’s independent agencies. This includes the NICOA (Nationwide Insurance Company of America), also known in the past as TIG/Countrywide which is located in Battle Creek, Michigan. In 1999, they also took over CalFarm Insurance located in Sacramento, California. They are using their regional offices in able to gain expertise in local markets.

The two main services of Allied Insurance are personal and commercial services.

Personal Insurance provides coverage to properties, auto, and health.  This service offers to help save properties from natural disasters like windstorm, fires, floods, earthquakes, and etc.  However, in auto insurance it offers coverage for the vehicle’s damage and liability coverage.  Also, it covers for the person’s responsibility if he injures another person or causes damage to properties. In health insurance, Allied provides service such as disability insurance. If the person become disabled from an accident or some other cause, Allied helps the disabled consumer by paying the coverage.

Commercial insurance mainly provides coverage for business, along with properties that belong to the Company itself. If by any unforeseen cause a sudden interruption of business flow occurs, Allied will cover for any damage. The insurance provides coverage to save the business from impending losses. If, in case, the Company accidentally or mistakenly sent faulty products or provided services with errors, Allied gives liability protection for the company responsible for the damage to other company.

In recent survey conducted on July of this year, 40% of consumers who took the survey are satisfied with Allied Insurance Company’s services. As assurance to those who are not as satisfied, Allied Insurance is continuing to improve the services offered to take Insurance services to another level.

Since 1929, Allied Insurance Company is committed in providing quality insurance services. The Company is widely known for its On Your Side customer services. For whatever protection you need for your business, farm, ranch, auto, and home, Allied Insurance Company will work hard to exceed client expectations.