Amalgamated Life

333 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, NY 10604-2910
Ph 914-367-5000

Amalgamated Life is an insurance company that makes sure that the workers’—both men and women—financial well-being is being protected. In the 1940s, Sidney Hillman, one of the leading figures in business specializing in labor and the president of ACWA (Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America), once dreamt of building a cooperative for laborers that will deliver health benefits and pension. As time went by, Sidney Hillman gathered support from leaders of the industry to build his once dreamt cooperative. As a result, in 1943 he founded Amalgamated Life Insurance Company with a purpose to provide life insurance and benefits to all members of ACWA.

Amalgamated Life Insurance Company offers accidental death, medical stop loss, dismemberment, long and short-term disability, and life insurance for workers, men and women.

Amalgamated Life also provides their consumers voluntary insurance products like whole, term, and workers life insurance, paycheck disability, workers lifetime, as well as critical illness protection. The company also provides services like benefit plan for administration solutions like fund, medical claims, dental claims, and pension and annuity. In addition, they offer supplemental coverage administration and eligibility/enrollment services, utilization management, billing and collections, plan communications, national medical/dental access, and access with medical stop-loss carrier. They also have call center programs based on clinics such as maternity, diseases, disability management, and clams cost. They also have nurse helpline, health and wellness coaching, and physician reviews.

There are plenty of services offered by Amalgamated Insurance Company. They even do outsourcing solutions such as printing of advertisements, directories, stationery, brochures, business cards, newsletter, etc.

Mainly, Amalgamated is located in White Plains, New York, but they do also have regional offices in Chicago, Illinois; Leonia, New Jersey; Charlestown, Illinois; New York, New York; Lincoln, Richmond; Charlestown, Massachusetts; Norristown, Pennsylvania; Norfolk, Virginia; Salem, New Hampton; and Sacramento, California.

There are plenty of skilled executives working in Amalgamated Insurance. Some of them are Chief Executive Officer and President, Mr. David J. Walsh; Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Mr. Paul Mallen; Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Mr. Raghubar Singh; Executive Vice President, Ms. Claire Levitt; and Chief Counsel and Senior Vice President, Mr. Mark Schwartz. These executives are all known by their business proficiency and efforts.

Amalgamated Life Insurance Company has their known slogan of “We Work for Working People.”

Amalgamated Life consistently earned excellent ratings from “A.M. Best Company” having “A” rating since 1974. As of July 2010, Amalgamated Life was awarded with their 35th consecutive “A” rating by A.M. Best Company.

Amalgamated Life is doing more than just providing clients with exceptional services and insurance products. They also provide medical management services and printing communications and beyond.

These are some affiliated companies of Amalgamated Life:
•    Alicare Incorporated
•    Alicare Medical Management, Incorporated
•    Alicomp
•    AliGraphics
•    Amalgamated Agency

Amalgamated Life is working in harmony with their mission to provide affordable life, pension, and health services and products while they are maintaining their unwavering commitment in excellence.