American Pioneer Insurance Company

American Pioneer Life Insurance Company
1001 Heathrow Park Lane
Suite 5001
Lake Mary, FL 32746

The American Pioneer Insurance Company has almost 50 years of experience in delivering quality insurance products. The company believes in operating from a position of stability and strength. It is a dynamic company that strives to adapt to changes in the insurance market and today’s economy.

The company was founded in 1961 and is under the umbrella of Universal American group of companies. American Pioneer is the leading provider of senior insurance and healthcare products that include life, Select insurance and Medicare supplement. Specializing in senior insurance needs, the company offers a wide range of coverage that offers security and freedom to senior citizens and their families.

American Pioneer offers Medicare Supplement as an essential component of senior health care plans. Regular Medicare does not include deductibles, outpatient services and co-payments. Medicare Supplement allows members to continue with their health professional and hospital of choice without pre-certification or approvals. They have rates and comprehensive coverage plans competitive to the market and would meet most budgets.

The company also carries Medicare Select, offering Medicare Supplement traditional products at lesser cost. You can go to any hospital in the country affiliated with their Medicare Select insurance plan while keeping your premiums low. You can choose between B, C, D or F and American Pioneer will shoulder the Medicare Part A deductible in any of its affiliate healthcare facilities. In emergency situations, you can go to any hospital in the United States and Part A deductible is also waived.

Medicare Advantage is a Universal American product that combines hospital insurance (Part A) and medical insurance (Part B) in one plan with the option to include pharmaceutical coverage (Part D) at very low premiums and minimal to no co-pays.

American Pioneer also has independent prescription or pharmaceutical drug plans that give members protection form high cost of medicines and unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses. It offers coverage on a wide range of drugs, generic and brand-name, used by people on Medicare available in over 60,000 pharmacies across the U.S.

The company puts a special premium in their desire to help out senior citizens by offering Senior Whole Life. They have two policies under this program, the Senior Tribute 1 and 2.  Senior Tribute 1 offers instant full death benefits, life policy with death benefits paid to the specified beneficiary if the death happened while the policy is present.  Senior Tribute 2 is a modified death benefit, where if the insured dies within three years of the policy, the premium paid to the beneficiary will equal the contribution plus the 10 percent interest.

Aside from whole life products, American Pioneer Insurance also provides Acute Care for recuperative and short-term care needs, hospital indemnity and dental insurance for seniors. The company, which has an estimated asset of $2.6 billion, is currently rated B+ by A.M Best. It also has customer service representatives available in its toll-free number, as well as the company website.