American United Life Insurance Company

American United Life Insurance Company
One American Square
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0368

With a track record of more than 74 years in the insurance industry, American Untied Life Insurance Company has become one of the best players in giving Americans assurance for their future financially. It focuses mostly on offering life insurance, retirement services and employee benefits to its clientele.

Popularly known by the acronym AUL, American United Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc. with a very rich history tracing back to the formation of a life insurance program by the Knights of Pythias in 1877. It was only in 1933 that AUL was incorporated.

AUL’s home office is strategically located at the heart of downtown Indianapolis, where the 38-story building is mark as one of the city’s skyline structures since 1982. AUL gives its clients immediate services through its various AUL offices located across different states, through its financial professionals and representatives and through online benefit information, making it easier and giving faster results.

Chairman of the board Dayton Molendorp, senior vice president Charles Lineback, vice president Angela Trefethen and Regional Sales director Debora Rubin run and manage AUL. The track record of these key executives definitely makes clients confident of the company’s stability.

AUL prides itself in the vast services and products that it offers for individuals, families, financial professionals, banks, credit unions and even small businesses. AUL has three divisions for their products and services: AUL Life Insurance, which caters to individuals and offers term, whole life and variable universal life insurance, asset-based long-term care solutions and variable and fixed annuities; AUL Retirement Services, which offers retirement plans for individuals and employers with focus on 401(k), 403(b), and 457 markets; and AUL Employee Benefits, which is offered to employees for their benefit plans, including group life, disability and medical stop loss insurance. There is also access to dental and vision insurance, and employee assistance programs through other providers.

With 1.600 employees, from the top management down to the bottom line, AUL, in general, continuously strives to uphold its core values and objectives, focusing on achievement, stewardship, partnership, integrity, responsiveness and excellence. Each individual in the company, especially customer representatives, not only builds professional relationships but also long lasting friendship with clients. These strong values and goals guide each employee, local representative, service professionals, claims specialist, agents and brokers to provide quality service and help maximize value on their policyholders in helping the latter plan to meet their financial growth.

AUL’s strength is evident as it continuously spreads out in the insurance industry not only focusing on life but also on mutual insurance holding company, thus, the conversion in the year 2000 of OneAmerica Financial Partners from life only to mutual insurance, making AUL one of its stock subsidiaries.

AUL also continuously receives highest ratings assigned by independent insurance and financial services industry analysts. In Standard & Poor’s report on credit worthiness dated August 3, 2010, AUL received an AA- (Very Strong), the fourth highest of 21 possible ratings.  Last June 9, 2010, A.M. Best gave AUL an A (Excellent), the third highest of 15 possible ratings. These achievements were not at all surprising, as AUL’s financial track record of excellence goes back to its long history of financial strength. In 2009 alone, its total assets reached $14,839.2 million. For the first quarter of 2010, it already reached $15,222 million and is expecting to grow further as the year progresses.