Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company

Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company
26777 Halsten Rd., Ste. 200,
Farmington Hills, MI

Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company’s humble beginnings, which can be traced back to 1912, has grown steadily and continuously as it provides superior products and services in workers’ compensation and property/casualty insurance, making it a recognized leader in the industry.

Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company traces its roots to a group of leading manufacturers from the Michigan Manufacturing Association joining forces to provide worker’s compensation at first to their industry until it has grown to accommodate additional insurance needs of workers extending to different industries. From its home-based location in Farmington Hills, Michigan area, Amerisure is makes sure that it maintains strategically located throughout the western, midwestern and southern part of the United States, making their presence visible and active through their Core Service Centers. These centers allow their agents and partners render fast and high quality localized service.

Amerisure’s powerhouse executives include president and chief executive officer Richard Russell, vice president and chief actuary Ted Wagner, Compensation Benefits and Human Resource Information Management director Todd Harrison, Human Resources vice president Derick Adams, and Underwriting Consultative Services vice president Yvonne Hobson. These key executives continuously initiate success through the company’s mission statement that focuses on the advantage of partnership.

Amerisure’s more than 300 employees and independent agencies, strive to continuously uphold the power of partnership through one another and most importantly, to their customers. Amerisure’s wide range of products and services are property/casualty insurance service, coverage enhancements for workers’ compensation, superior loss control, outstanding claim services, dividend programs, competitive pricing services, claim services, managed care programs, return-to-work programs, annual premium audits and investigations. These and many more are all offered mostly to industries in the construction, manufacturing, commercial property and health markets.

Amerisure values the power of partnership and alliance that flows through the three core partners: the independent agencies, which it also calls Partners for Success agencies; the policy holders, giving them proactive approach through Amerisure’s marketing commitment; and partnership with its employees by recognizing and encouraging excellence in their culture. With this tried and tested strategy of Amerisure, the company is able to boost its market standing in the industry with a significant increase in its financial strength by having an additional $108 million in surplus and a total of $ 2,186,481 in assets for 2009. Amerisure also makes sure that it stays true to its guiding principle of partnership by being transparent to each of its partner, especially in the financial side, for it gives them confidence and a feeling of being safe and able to fully trust the company.

With all of Amerisure’s successes, the company not only leads the industry by excelling in delivering its products but also by giving back to the community through conducting charity works and donating more than $412,354 to selected organizations. Truly, every individual partners feel proud, privileged and Amerisured on partnering with Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company.