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Forethought Financial Group is a financial service firm that is a leader in the field of retirement and end-of-life needs. It provides innovative and financially sound solutions to middle class families in undeserved markets. It is governed by its values which include transparency, integrity, consistency, innovativeness, fairness, and respect. The company’s headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has a 25-year history of quality, service and reliability.

Through its subsidiaries, Forethought provides life insurance and annuity plans. One of its subsidiaries, Forethought Life Insurance Company, was named among the top 50 highest-performing life-health insurance company in the 2010 listing of the prestigious Ward’s 50 Ranking. The ranking was based on the financial performance of companies for the years 2005-2009 and it included more than 800 U.S.-based life-health insurance companies. The companies that were included in the analyses have all been in operation for more than five years.

Today the company is led by its chairman, president and chief executive officer John Graf. Forethought’s total assets is at $4.7 billion while its annual revenue is $1.1 billion. It has more than $5.6 billion of life insurance and annuity plans in force, serving more than two million policyholders. The firm has also been recognized by A.M. Best ratings for its financial strength.

Forethought is licensed to sell its products in 49 states, the District of Columbia, and in Puerto Rico. On the other hand, its bank service, Forethought Federal Savings Bank, is located in 28 states and the District of Columbia. It has more than $300 million in trust assets under management.

Forethought’s life insurance comes in two separate policies the Preneed: Forethought Funeral Planning and Final Expense: ForeLifeSM. Forethought Funeral Planning comes in two contracts. In the first contract, the customer agrees to assign the benefits of the coverage to the funeral firm of his/her choice. The wishes of the insured are written in the statements of goods and services. In the second one, the funeral firm makes an agreement with the customer that the benefits of the coverage will be assigned to them.  Upon the death of the insured, the funeral firm will be the one to provide funeral goods and services and will send the certification of delivery to Forethought requesting for the payment.

Meanwhile, ForeLifeSM allows members to set aside fund through the purchase of whole life insurance from Forethought Life Insurance. In this plan, Forethought provides customers the flexibility to meet the funeral home that they had selected or they can just simply assign funds that will cover their end-of-life expenses.

Forethought likewise offers annuity plans. It has a fixed indexed annuity plan that provides a variety of benefits that members may not be able to find with traditional savings methods. Some of these benefits are upside growth potential, protection against market risk, and tax-deferred growth.

Aside from these great plans, Forethought also provides an education center where its members are taught how to develop their own successful long-term financial and planning strategies.

Just like what its president John Graf said, Forethought’s financial stability is the critical differentiator in its ability to serve its customers and grow its business.