Life Investors Insurance Co.

Life Investors Insurance Company
4333 Edgewood Road NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52499
(319) 355-8511

Life Investors Insurance Company has supplied protection to individuals, families, and businesses since 1960. On October 2, 2008, Life Investors has merged with Transamerica Life Insurance Company. As it makes the transition from Life Investors to Transamerica Life, clients may gather correspondence under both names. During the initial time period it, is possible for customers to receive posts with the old company name.

The company is housed in Iowa, and is licensed to provide insurance products in all states (except New York) and in the District of Columbia.

A wide portfolio of products, excellent customer service, and financial strength history have merited the company loyalty from its clients, as well as steady high rankings from insurance rating services. As a result of the merger, this will not change but will even remain strong.

Transamerica Life provides a diverse range of leading edge financial products and services. These products and services share a common purpose: to help individuals, families, and businesses set up, secure and sustain their well-deserved assets regardless of the distribution method. Transamerica Life has more than a century of experience which established its solid reputation on sturdy management, consumer confidence and sound decisions.

The company is a member of AEGON Company, a multinational insurance organization located in Hague, Netherlands. AEGON is among the world’s leading financial services and life insurance organizations.

Other mergers with Transamerica Life include Iowa Fidelity Life Insurance in October 2009, and Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance in October 2008. At the end of the fiscal year in 2009, Transamerica Life has $1,155 billion of insurance in force. In 2008, its assets amount to US$103,871 million and US$6,200 million in shareholders equity.

A.M. Best Company provided a rating of A+ or superior for Transamerica Life, while Moody’s Investors Service gave a rating of A or good. Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor’s ratings for Transamerica Life is AA- or very strong. These reflect the current opinion of the relative financial strength and operating performance of Transamerica Life.

Transamerica Life is also one of the first founding members of Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA), a voluntary organization built by the life insurance industry to uphold elevated standards of ethical market conduct in sales, service and advertising for individual life insurance and annuity products. Transamerica Life ensures its clients that it conducts business in accordance with high standards of fairness and truthfulness, as well as rendering capable and customer-focused service and sales. Similarly, the company engages in fair and active competition and provides for unbiased and prompt handling of customer grievances and disputes. Sales materials are also made clear as to purpose, and honest as to content.

These standards give assurance to clients that Transamerica Life has dedicated itself to integrity, honesty and equality in all customer interactions involving individual annuities and life insurance sales and services. You are ensured that Transamerica Life has strong procedures and policies that assure clients of reliable information customers need in purchasing policies.