Mega Life and Health Insurance Company

Mega Life and Health Insurance Company
PO Box 982010
North Richland Hills, TX 76182
Phone: 800-527-5504
Fax: 800-343-3702

When looking for the right insurance company, we want to be sure that we are able to find the one that does not only fulfill our insurance needs. We also want to be able to find one that will give us the most competitive rates and the highest degree of customer service. Keeping the promise of affordable coverage is HealthMarkets’ mission, and the MEGA Life And Health Insurance Company stays true to this vision for the past couple of decades.

The MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company is one of the many members of the HealthMarkets Companies. Specializing in health and supplemental insurance coverage plans, they make sure that providing personalized and world class customer service is their commitment. There have been far too many companies who will impress us with promotional materials only to find the customer mildly disappointed because of missed expectations. These instances will never be present in a company like MEGA Life. Falling through on our commitments is one of our biggest goals, and this also helps us make that competitive advantage among all other life and health insurance companies across the region.

Individuals, families and small businesses can enjoy the benefits offered by the MEGA Life And Health Insurance Company. This is especially important for employees who work in businesses that does not include any form of health insurance coverage. Since we are not protected from any financial setback in our jobs, this becomes even more important. Their coverage options range from Accident Plan options, cancer, critical Illness, dental benefits, direct benefits, disabilities and vision. A customer can choose from different kinds of coverage plans and supplemental products that will fit their exact needs. Whether you have a tight budget or is willing to invest a lot on your health insurance, a team of skilled and experienced insurance professionals will be ready to assist you at any time. Their PPO Insurance plans are also one of their main difference maker and what sets them apart from other companies. The PPO insurance plan helps pay upfront costs for medical services. While the deductibles may be higher, policyholders can still be flexible in their options to ensure that their coverage is maximized.

The MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company has been serving in the insurance industry for over two decades. Their corporate headquarters is currently based in North Richland Hills, Texas. Licensed to operate in all 49 states except the state of New York, MEGA Life has truly shown their flexibility and dedication to educate and provide for all their customers. While the plans may vary depending on the state that you are in, one thing is for certain. MEGA Life would always make sure that the insurance coverage plan you choose will fit your exact needs, budget and lifestyle.

Personalized health and supplemental insurance is indeed possible with a company life the MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company. Understanding the customers’ unique needs is at the core of their business, and they will continue to put a premium on excellence for the next generations to come.