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Mendota Insurance Company
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Aside from our homes, our car is probably one of our biggest and most important investments. Do you still remember the first time you got your brand new car? You would probably treat it with the utmost care, almost as you would with a baby. We want to make sure that it will not be affected by any scratch or tear. How much more when we talk about accidents and potential damage when on the road? We can never predict what will happen to us when we’re driving. No matter how careful we are, there is always that potential to run into another driver and cause an untoward incident. Because of this, we want to be able to find an insurance company that can help protect and safeguard the things that matter most to us. Mendota Insurance Company understands these needs, and have provided insurance protection for personal products for the past few decades.

It was in 1989 when Mendota Insurance Company first served insurance policies to customers. For over two decades, they have been providing private passenger car insurance as one of their main services. This company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kingsway Financial Services Incorporated. Kingsway is one of the well renowned property and casualty insurance companies. Combining this with a strong and powerful force like Mendota has created a company that is truly customer focused and determined to provide for all their clients’ needs.

With their corporate headquarters based in Eagan, Minnesota, Mendota has also made sure that they are able to select from a talented pool of insurance professionals that will give you everything you need to know. This is what sets them apart from other insurance companies; they go even beyond just providing sound advice and answers to basic insurance questions. They have developed a platform that will make it easier for customers to reach out, ask a question or just communicate with those independent agent partners. This advanced platform called Mendota Max and My Mendota makes use of the Internet to be able to provide a better and faster experience with their customers. Over the past few decades, we have been used to everything being accessible with a click of the mouse, and Mendota recognizes this by providing a faster, more accurate and more efficient platform for consumers to enjoy.

With its online services, you can ensure that Mendota Insurance Company will be able to provide the following services in an easy and simple way: competitive pricing; online quotes and uploading of policies in a quick and easy manner; furnishing of reports depending on the point of sale; low down payment options; see payment history and pay online; an ability to rewrite lapsed policies; online what if scenarios to ensure that all options are covered and several others.

Your car insurance coverage needs is important to us because we acknowledge that it is extremely important to you. It’s not just about great insurance rates. With Mendota, it’s also about world class customer service!