Symetra Life Insurance Company

Symetra Life Insurance Company
777 108th Avenue NE
Suite 1200
Bellevue, WA 98004
(800) 796-3872

Symetra Life Insurance Company sees to it that it achieves balance and equality. Part of its goal is to provide the needs, both of its shareholders, policyholders, business partners, agents, as well as neighbors. At the same time, it aims to provide products and services that will push future development for the company, trust of its partners, and aide in the company’s stability in terms of its finances.

Symetra is an insurance company that provides benefits for employees, annuities, life insurance, and medical stop loss. In terms of employee benefits, it creates retirement plans for its clients, including life insurance to support employers. Doing so makes employers love their work more and become a lot more dedicated to their chosen field. Aside from that, clients can also avail of annuities and be able to provide payments to policyholders at particular intervals. With this, they can have a guaranteed lifetime income, and financial growth which is tax-deferred.

Also, workers (who are also policyholders) of Symetra can avail of life insurance, and support individuals or families recover from certain financial hardships. They can also avail of a Medical Stop Loss, or an insurance that gives alternatives for organizing their costs on medical plans.

Symetra markets insurance products and services through a community-wide network of consultants, financial institutions, and independent representatives. Overall, the insurance company is composed of 1,100 employees nationwide and serves more than 1.8 million customers.

Symetra is an insurance company that moved and survived through challenges. Though met with various roadblocks along the way, it stands strong what with its good business ethics and professional atmosphere. With these values (innate in its workforce) it is able to create fresh, logical and constructive ideas in order to meet the financial needs of its clients.

It is also an insurance company with a heart. As part of its thrust, it aims to give back to its community, thus, supporting more than 250 advocacy groups or charitable organizations. Its employees serve as volunteers, dedicating about 8,500 hours to this activity.

With its success and integral service, it has been included in “Wards 50” top-performing and excellent insurance companies. It is presented by the Wards Group which is a consulting firm that benchmarks insurance companies ; On the basis of filed assets, it is included in the Top-40 US life insurance companies; And, according to Standard & Poor’s, a market leader in terms of providing stop loss insurance.

AM Best, another known organization that measures the financial strength of insurance companies, has rated Symetra with A, which means that it has excellent ability to meet its financial obligation with its policyholders.

It is also an insurance company that is dedicated to sustaining the trust of its partners, particularly its shareholders. This is possible through its high standards of professionalism and corporate governance.

The privileges and benefits Symetra offers for its workforce is something that gives them more passion and diligence to work for it. Overall, Symetra is a company with high regard for professionalism—it serves its clients with passion, values its employees, maintains a strong relationship with its partners, and most of all, gives something back to the community.