West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company
1900 South 18th Avenue
West Bend, WI 53095

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company offers personal, commercial, and specialty lines of property and casualty insurance products. It currently writes policies in states such as Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Missouri and Ohio. In terms of commercial products, it provides property, liability, workers’ compensation, as well as auto insurance for businesses. Sales from these policies make up 75 percent of the company’s business.

Its insurance policy, Home and Highway, writes coverage for home, vehicles and other various personal possessions to individuals and families. This policy also includes discount and other value-added features. Its specialty division also offers insurance policies for risks such as daycare or fitness facilities, YMCAs, and even pest control operations. Its clients are able to obtain their desired insurance policies through a network of insurance agencies which are independent. West Bend Mutual provides the freedom and resilience to create decisions that will be for the best interests of its clients, partners, and representatives.

In order to impart the importance of insurance, and make this known to its people, it partnered with the American Institute for CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters) and Insurance Institute of America. West Bend Mutual covers the expense for materials for its classes, registration fees for its exams, and study times which are paid. As part of the class’ technical training, this insurance company partners with Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC) to deliver technical as well as computer-based training to representatives who do work on-site. The subjects taught on its classes include MS Outlook, Access, Powerpoint, Excel, Visio, Project, and most important the ability to write policies “the West Bend way”. West Bend’s managers and supervisors participate in the GPS Management Development Program, developed in 2009 to educate West Bend’s administrative individuals, and be able to train in providing quality service for its clients.

West Bend Mutual has been rated by A.M Best as A, which means that it has the excellent capability to fulfill its obligations with its clients. Since 1894 when it was established, it made sure that it carries out excellence with its state-of-the-art insurance products and stable financial growth. Deep Customer Connections Inc., which offer research, planning, and support services for those companies providing insurance policies, has also excellently ranked West Bend Mutual.

In 2010, this insurance company chose Oracle Insurance Insbridge to be its rating engine for its personal lines. This is due to its perceptive, easy-to-use interface which is also based on rules. This kind of feature makes it easier for users who have businesses, such as those involved in actuaries and underwriters, to create and manage rates without information technology support. West Bend Mutual helps insurers respond faster to changes in the market, efficiently manage the processes and lifecycle of an insurance policy, and most of all, meet its administrative requirements. West Bend Mutual envisions using Oracle Insurance Insbridge for a long term.

Jim Schwalen, Vice President for Personal Lines and Marketing for West Bend Mutual, said in a statement that Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating and Underwriting helps the company advance its mission of becoming the choice insurance company for the public, as well as for its partners, agents, and present clients.