Individuals usually purchase insurance products, such as life insurance, when they think about paying their mortgage, the monthly bills, their children’s college tuition or maintaining the family business to be transferred on to the next generation or to assure a fair sale. Given these aspects to think about, they buy policies in succession, wherein they purchase a new one only after the last one expires. Doing this may appear cut-rate, but eventually insurance rates could go up radically and the person might even find himself or herself uninsurable.

What is the solution then? One way is laddering.

If the individual wants to avoid the risk of reinvesting a large chunk of his or her assets in an unstable financial environment, laddering is an investment technique to use. Laddering allows investors to purchase several financial products with different dates of maturity.

One of the benefits of laddering is the capacity to free up capital when required. A person may buy a bond with shorter term in case he or she needs the capital for his or her children’s tuition fund, at the same time buying other bonds with longer terms that mature on a later date in a more favorable rate, such as for retirement. It is assumed in this scenario that the economy is on a normal yield curve, meaning short-term debt instruments have a lower yield than long-term debt instruments of the same credit quality where the market usually expects more compensation for greater risk.

Buying several life insurance policies over a period of years or investments that mature at different time intervals could also help lessen the insurance cost over the policy period for which the individual is purchasing. In an ideal setting, one will have complete life insurance coverage for greatest expenses in the future, such as when children are to go to college. Expenses will likely drop after the children become independent already from their parents, thus you will most likely need less insurance coverage. Laddering insurance policies can help you acquire the right amount of life insurance to meet your various needs at various times. This saves you the money by not paying for unnecessary life insurance premiums.

It is important to identify your family’s needs and how much life insurance you’ll be requiring as well as the length of time you’ll be needing the insurance, so you can have a budget for the time interval. Laddering is a good technique to choose because it averts the threat of lost or lessened insurability at the same time presenting a lower price as compared to having only a single term life insurance policy.

Laddering annuities can also help you withstand economic storms. Financial laddering that makes use of low-risk investments can be beneficial for those who are nearing retirement to achieve higher earnings and liquidity during economic storms. It helps ride out market instability, lowers the possibility of loss, and heightens the probability of getting a higher rate of return. In annuity laddering, immediate annuities may create a guaranteed lifetime income.