Life Insurance Articles

Whole Life Insurance
Whole life insurance is one of those types of policies where you can not only protect your family from your death, but you can also build up cash value for retirement.

What is a Universal Life Insurance?
Universal life insurance is a type of life insurance that was added as one of our options during the 1980s as a way to generate cash value.

Waiver of Premium
With some types of life insurance policies, after a period of time you will be able to stop making life insurance premiums once the value builds up.

The person with the life threatening illness that is benefiting from a viatical contract is known as a viator, and they will receive a portion of the life insurance early.

Viatical Settlement Provider
None of us want to think about our death, but for those with a terminal illness, a viatical settlement will allow you to receive life insurance proceed while living.

Variable Universal Life Insurance
For those that are interested in maintaining a cash value life insurance policy, this type of life insurance can give you more control over the cash value of your policy.

All life insurance contracts will require there to be medical tests and other questionnaires, along with an evaluation before there is acceptance.

Variable Annuitization
An annuity is a great way to ensure that your retirement nest egg does not break in retirement, as you receive guaranteed payments with very little risk,

Accumulated Amount
The accumulated amount refers to the value of life insurance policy or annuity based on your investment and how it has performed.

Accidental Means
With life insurance policies that have stipulations for accidental death coverage, this ensures that the death is a result of an accident.

Unaffilitated Investments
When you purchase your life insurance policy, the company will pool your resources with others and invest the money in order to increase earnings and reduce the cost of policies.

Term Life Insurance
Term life insurance is an easy an affordable way to protect your family from the possibility of your death and loss of income.

Surrender Period
Unlike paying a surrender charge to end a life insurance contract, a surrender period is a time when that fee will not be applied.

Surrender Charge
One of the ways that life insurance companies keep their customers is by charging a surrender charge for canceling their policies before the contract is expired.

Additional Deposit Privilege
With some whole life insurance products, additional deposit privilege will allow you to increase your amount of coverage over time.

Accumulation Unit
When looking at annuity products, the accumulation unit will measure the value of the investments that you are purchasing.

Accumulation Benefits
As a part of a life insurance policy, you may be able to get something referred to as accumulation benefits, which allows you to add as you need it.

Accumulated Value
When looking at insurance products such as an annuity, one term that you will read about is called accumulated value, or the current value of the underlying account.

One of the most important people in the life insurance field is that of an actuary, as they calculate the risks that determine your rates.

Enrolled Actuary
One of the things for an actuary to strive for is to achieve certification, as this demonstrates their expertise and commitment to the field and ethics.

Actuarial tables are used in evaluating the policy risks for any number of types of policies, but they are most often used in the life insurance business.

Accumulation Unit Value
As a part of an insurance product such as an annuity, the accumulation unit value is used in order to perform the investments in the market.

Accumulation Period
With life insurance and annuities, there is a period of time when the annuity is gaining value, and this is referred to as the accumulation period.

Accrued Interest
Your life insurance policy may invest in a number of different things, and one of these is a bond. Accrued interest is an important calculation on yield.
Accidental Death Benefit
One of the ways that you can ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of an accident is to add an accidental death rider to your policy.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
One of the types of riders that you can purchase for a life insurance policy is referred to as accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and it adds another coverage layer.

When looking at life insurance policies, you will receive a number of different offers, and once you accept one of them, they will run tests to see if you can receive coverage.

Abusive Tax Shelter
There are a number of different ways that you can use life insurance in order to lessen your tax risk, but watch out to make sure that you don’t risk an audit.

Subaccount Charge
When it comes to your investments, those that are funded through subaccounts face a number of different fees to the bank or agency for managing the account.

Stop Loss
Part of the reasons why life insurance is so affordable is the way that they invest the money used for premiums, and a stop loss is a way to protect gains.

Stock Insurance Company
With a stock insurance company, not only can people invest in them, but in a lot of cases, the policy holders also own a piece of the company.

Statutory Reserve
As a part of ensuring that the life insurance company is able to survive over the long haul, the law requires that they hold back a certain amount of reserves.

When ensuring that your life insurance company will be there for the long term, you need to consider its solvency or financial stability.

Separate Account
When investing in an insurance policy such as life insurance plan, separate account is one of the ways that investments are handled by advisers.

Risk Class
With life insurance, just like with all other types of insurance, the company will calculate the risk of offering coverage based on the customer’s risk class.

Return on Policyholder Surplus (Return on Equity)
In insurance, return on equity is also called the return to policyholder surplus which means the sum of the net income after tax plus the unrealized capital earnings prior to the present policyholder surplus that is expressed in a percentage form.

In order to ensure that your life insurance company is going to be stable for years, they will hold back reserves, and many states require this.

In order to reduce the risk that the insurance agency faces from potential claims, one of the things they will do is take our reinsurance.

Reinsurance Recoverables to Policyholder Surplus
This is an important measurement of financial strength, as it shows how dependent the company is on other insurance companies.

In the field of life insurance, the term “re-entry” refer to when you are eligible to get level term coverage if you meet health requirements.

Quick Liquidity Ratio
One of the things to look at when considering the strength of a company is the quick liquidity ratio, or the ability to easily cover short term needs.

Quick Assets
When looking at the strength of your life insurance company, one of the asset classes to consider is their quick assets, or assets easily convertible into cash.

In order to ensure that your life insurance company is going to be there when you need them, it is important that they are consistently profitable.

Pretax Return on Revenue
All insurance companies need to find ways to maximize their profits and returns on investments, and life insurance companies are no different.

Pretax Operating Income
It is important to consider the stability of the life insurance company that you are going to trust for your life insurance coverage and operating income is important.

Premium Unearned
When you set up your life insurance policy, one of the things that you must think of is unearned premiums, or the premiums that you have paid ahead.

Policyholder Dividend Ratio
With some types of life insurance, policyholders are entitled to some type of dividend, and this ratio looks at this number.

No matter what type of insurance policy you are considering, the policy is the contract that governs the dictates of that policy and how it is managed.

Policy or Sales Illustration
Policy insurance or sales illustrations are the materials utilized by the brokers, agents as well as the insurer in laying all the facts of the policy

Paid-Up Additional Insurance
Paid- up additional insurance is also referred to the option of the policyholder to use the dividends or the additional premiums to purchase an additional insurance within the same plan having the amount determine through the attained age of the insured.

Overall Liquidity Ratio
When evaluating the strength of the life insurance company that you are considering, one of the things to consider is a formula known as the liquidity ratio.

Operating Cash Flow
One of the things to look at when evaluating the stability of the company, you should take a look at the operating cash flow of the parent company.

Net Premiums Earned
When looking at a company and its profitability, the net premiums earned are often expressed as a percentage and they show the profitability of the company.

Net Premium
When considering a life insurance premium, the net premium doesn’t necessarily correlate to the actual premium charged to the customers.

Net Leverage
When evaluating the company that you will trust for your long term life insurance coverage, you will want to look at is their leverage, or debt level.

Net Investment Income
When considering the various types of investments that you may want to add to your portfolio is referred to as an annuity to create a steady income.

Net Income
When you are examining the overall stability of the company that you are considering getting your life insurance with, one of the factors to consider is the net income.

Mortality and Expense Risk Fees
When calculating an annuity, one of the expenses that is a part of the calculation includes the mortality and expense risk fees.

Living Benefits
When it comes to life insurance policies, some companies offer a portion of the payout of the death benefit to the person that is dying to help with final expenses

With any asset, liquidity refers to the ability of the investor to covert an asset into cash. This includes the cash value of your life insurance.

Licensed for Reinsurance Only
When looking into the stability of a particular insurance company, one of the areas to evaluate is the status of their reinsurance.

Internal Revenue Code Section 7702
Section 7702 is a portion of the Internal Revenue Code that describes certain conditions that life policies should satisfy in order to qualify as life insurance contract that has tax advantages.
In order to better understand this section, certain terms should be identified first. These are:
• Life insurance contract- a contract regarding life […]

Tax Free Exchanges
Tax free exchanges control the way that your life insurance policies are taxed when you change policies, also under section 1035.

Reinsurance Ceded
Reinsurance is a method by which an insurance company will limit the risk that they face by purchasing insurance for their operations from someone else.

Net Liabilities to Policyholder Surplus
This is another method for ensuring that the insurance company is stable and is able to meet their obligations by looking at this ratio.

Loss and Loss-Adjustment Reserves to Policyholder Surplus Ratio
We all want our insurance companies stable, and so do state regulators and investors, and this ratio allows them to evaluate the stability of the company.

None of us wants to face the possibility of getting sick and not being able to get life insurance, so one way around this is by laddering policies.

Policyholder Surplus
In order to protect the customer from losses related to the financial instability of the company, policyholder surplus is an important thing to consider.

Net Underwriting Income
Underwriting is the process of evaluating the risks associated with issuing a particular policy or line of insurance, and there are many things to consider.

Net Premiums Written to Policyholder Surplus (IRIS)
This is a good measurement of the stability of a company, as it represents the the surpluses left over after paying claims.

Loss and Loss Adjustment Expenses
When considering losses and expenses, loss simply refers to payouts on claims, but loss adjustment expenses refer to the cost of investigation claims.

Leverage or Capitalization
When considering the strength of a company, these are two important things to consider, as leverage refers to debt, and this increases risks for stability.

Investment in Affiliates
Many times, in order to lessen risk and help out the bottom line, insurance companies will invest in affiliates as a way of adding income.

Investment Income
Especially as you prepare for retirement, you may be considering an annuity in order to have stable investment income in your golden years.

Development To Policyholder Surplus (IRIS)
Policyholder surplus is important to both the company and to its policy holders, as it shows the public that they have sufficient resources to pay claims.

Expense Ratio
With all companies and bonds and investments, there will be a calculated expense ratio, which will tell you the cost of generating the income.

Just like any other companies, in order to remain in business, an insurance company needs to attract investors, and dividends allow them to be rewarded.

Convertible Term Insurance
Convertible term insurance will give you some flexibility with your life insurance as your life needs change, such as needing permanent insurance.

Change in Policy Holder Surplus
The policy holder surplus is a very important thing to consider when evaluating a company’s strength, as this shows the assets left after claims.

Capitalization or Leverage
When evaluating the strength of a company, capitalization refers to the retained earnings that have been kept, whereas leverage refers to debt and risk.

Balance Sheet
Especially when you are purchasing long term policies such as life insurance, you need the company there for the long haul, so it is important to think of strength.

Future Purchase Option
With some life insurance policies, you will also have a future purchase option, which allows you to increase your coverage as life warrants more protection.

Annual Crediting Cap
When looking at annuities when converting insurance to retirement income, the annual crediting cap is the maximum amount that the insurance company will pay

Aggregate Limit
No insurance policy will be completely open ended, as they all have limits as to the exposure limits for the company, referred to as an aggregate limit.

Adjustable Rate
When it comes to insurance and mortgages, a variety of methods are used to calculate the interest rates, and one is the adjustable, where the rate is indexed.

Interest-Crediting Methods
When it comes to annuities and life insurance products that have a savings plan built into them, there is a wide range of methods by which they calculate interest

Annuitization Options
When it comes to retirement, may people want to convert their cash value insurance and other investments into an annuity in order to guarantee income.

Insurable Interest
No matter what type of insurance policy you are looking to put into place, you will need to have an insurable interest in the property or it will not be valid.

Income Tax
Unfortunately, taxes are a way of life, and this applies to insurance as well. When planning for your insurance needs, ensure that you understand the taxes.

Hazardous Activity
When companies are evaluating whether to offer you a life insurance policy, and at what rate, they will take a look at the types of activities you do that are dangerous.

Financing Entity
A financing entity is a company or underwriter that is involving in the financing or other activities that are involved in keeping the policy valid.

Conditional Reserves
In order to ensure the long term stability of the insurance company, and their availability to pay claims, it is important that they keep some reserves.

Class Bonds
Bonds are the way that companies will finance their investments and ongoing operations, and there are a number of different risk classes for bonds.

Capital is something that not only the insurance companies will have, but also something that we all have. This is the money and other resources.

Attained Age
Attained age is something that is commonly associated with pricing plans in life insurance, and it refers to your age at your last birthday.

Acceleration Clause
When items have been loaned or there is a contract in place, if someone is unable to keep up with the payments, this can speed up when they may have to give up

Ceded Reinsurance Leverage
Just like in any other field, leverage indicates risk. This also indicates that the company leverages their risk using insurance bought from other companies.

All of us have objects in our lives that we want to protect from loss, and these are referred to as assets. Some examples are your home, car, and boat.

When it comes to planning your retirement income, one of your options is an annuity, as this will give you a stable return over time with less risk.

When it comes to understanding and planning for the payout of an annuity contract, annuitization refers to planning out how long the policy will pay out.

Actual Cash Value
When you have a loss that is covered by insurance, the company is obligated to pay you the actual cash value of the items that is lost or destroyed.

Accidental Death
Accidental death policies are specific types of policies that are designed to pay in the event that the covered person dies as a result of an accident.

Inflation Protection
With some types of policies, such as life insurance and property coverage, one of the ways that insurance providers will attempt to give you further protection is with inflation protection.

Guaranteed Renewable
With a guaranteed renewable policy, you have the added protection of being able to renew the policy for a period of time regardless of your health changes.

Guaranty Association
Customers who buy long term policies like life insurance want to make sure the company will be there when they need them, and guarantee associations make sure.

Guaranteed Issue Right
Guaranteed issue right is an important thing to consider because this means that you will have the right to purchase certain types of policies with no exam.

Guaranteed Insurability Option
With a number of different types on insurance policies, you will have the options of making changes to the policy when life changes hit you.

Death Benefit
The purpose of life insurance is to ensure that your family is taken care of after your death, and the death benefit is this payment that your family receives

Is it Legal for Your Spouse to Cancel Insurance Without Your Knowledge?
Insurance laws are not always the same between states, but the insured party will always have to sign the paperwork in order to ensure that everything is OK.

Knowing The Difference Between Guaranteed And Non Guaranteed Basis Life Insurance
The biggest difference between these two types of policies is that one has a guaranteed rate for the length of the term, and one can change over time.

Is it Normal to Take Over Three Months After Filing a Claim to Receive Any Money?
When a death occurs in the family, there is a specific set of steps that you must follow when filing a claim. If it take this much time there is usually problem

How Long Does An Employer Or Insurance Company Have To Notify Beneficiaries Of A Policy?
There are a number of steps that the beneficiaries will need to follow in order to be paid on the policy, so they should be notified as soon as possible.

What is Mortgage Life Insurance?
Mortgage life insurance is a special type of life insurance that protects the family from losing their home after a death, as it will pay off the mortgage.

Can You Buy a Life Insurance Policy of any Kind on Your Ex-Husband With Yourself as the Beneficiary?
As long as you have an insurable interest in their living, such as the loss of child support or alimony, and this will ensure that you do not face a loss.

Can Life Insurance be Taken Out on Another Person Legally and Does the Other Person Have to be Notified About the Policy?
In order to be able to take out a life insurance policy on someone, you must be able to show an interest, and only your child does not have to be notified.

Things You Should Know About Life Insurance Benefits If You Committed Suicide
Losing a loved one can be devastating, but it is even harder when they took there own life. There are also times when the company can deny benefits, so check the policy closely.

Will a Claim For a Smoker be Denied if the Policy is For a Non-Smoker?
Life insurance for smoker’s is more expensive due to the higher risk for the company. If you lie on a policy, they have all rights to not pay a claim, as this is considered to be fraud.

Is a Parent the Beneficiary of His Child’s Life Insurance?
It is very rare for a parent to outlive their children, but in the case of life insurance, the beneficiary will receive the payment of the face value. In the case of a child’s policy, this is usually the parents.

Can You Get Life Insurance For Your Child’s Father if You are not Married?
Despite the fact that there is a not a marriage certificate in place, you have an interest in their life for your child’s sake.

Can You Get Life Insurance For Your Terminally Ill Parent?
Although it is difficult to get life insurance for someone that is facing a terminal illness, there are certain types of policies that may be available.

Does a Life Insurance Company Have to Prove That Premiums Were Not Paid?
It is very important to make your payments on time in order to ensure that the coverage is there when you family needs it, as non payment voids life insurance.

Do You Have to Report a Life Insurance Payout to a Chapter 13 Trustee?
Although technically there is not a requirement to let them know if you receive an insurance payout after filing, this may be in your best interest. Your credit does not begin to heal until after you are out of bankruptcy, so they can advise you on how to proceed.

Can Any Liens Be Put on the Life Insurance Policy of the Deceased for Medical or Other Bills?
Most of the time, the proceeds from a life insurance company cannot be used in order to pay medical bills unless the recipient chooses to use them for this.

What is a Life Cycle Policy?
A life cycle policy is another name for a whole life policy, which is a type of policy that once you purchase it, your coverage lasts your whole life.

What if an Insurance Company Declares Bankruptcy?
If your life insurance company becomes insolvent and is forced into bankruptcy, you do have some protection, as state funds will pay for the claims.

What Happens to the Cash Value When You Die?
With a whole life or cash value insurance policy, the cash value is considered to be an asset of the company. As a result, your family will not receive this cash value and will only receive the face value.

Does a Drug Overdose Break a Life Insurance Policy?
With most policies, a drug overdose will not void a policy, although if the death occurs in the first two years and is a suicide, they may not pay

Can You Change a Life Insurance Policy?
There are a number of changes that you can make to your insurance policies, but only certain types of policies can be converted to another type of policy.

Can Insurance be Paid to Beneficiaries in the Case of Suicide?
There is no firm answer in all cases, but if the policy has been in place longer than two years, the policy should pay, but shorter term policies are not clear on this issue and depend on the company

Are the benefits of Life Insurance Taxable in the State of North Carolina?
In most states, the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy will not have any income tax due from the proceeds, and North Carolina is among them.

What is Universal Life Insurance?
Universal life insurance is a type of life insurance that can change with you, as the policy allows you to change how the policy is changed over time.

How Can You Save Money on a Life Insurance?
In order to ensure your family’s protection, life insurance is no longer optional. Shop around for your coverage, because there are ways to make it affordable

Can the Person With Power-of-Attorney Change the Beneficiary of the Life Insurance Policy Even if the Insured is Not Incapacitated?
There are several types of powers of attorney levels, and they will allow you to act on a person’s behalf in different ways, and they may be able to change the beneficiary, although this can be contested.

Can an Insurance Company Change the Beneficiary?
Federal law seeks to protect the intent of the insured and their desires, and no one can change the beneficiary, not even the company itself.

Are the Proceeds of Life Insurance Policy Taxable?
Generally speaking, unless the policy names the estate as the beneficiary, the proceeds will pass to the beneficiary non taxable.

What Should You Do if The Life Insurance Company Denied You The Claim Money Saying The Application Submitted Was Untrue About The Insured’s Health?
It is critically important to always be honest when filling out the insurance application, because a lie or hidden information will void the policy, and this is the last thing that your loved ones need.

What is the Difference Between Face Value and Cash Value?
For the types of policies that build up a value outside of the coverage amounts, the cash value indicates the value of the policy but face value is the coverage amount stated on the policy.

What is an Interest-Sensitive Life Insurance?
For those that are interested in a policy that builds up a cash value, an interest sensitive policy is tied to an index and may be a good choice.

Should I Change From One Life Insurance Company to the Next Every Couple of Years to Save on Premiums?
You may be tempted to shop around every couple of years in order to save on your insurance premiums, but you will usually get farther with loyalty.

Is There a Time Limit for Claiming Life Insurance Death Benefits?
Although there is no good reason why you should wait to make a claim for insurance proceeds that are coming to you, there is no limit to when you can receive it.

If You are Listed in a Life Insurance Policy as a Beneficiary Along With a Person That is Deceased, Who is Awarded the Benefits?
Generally speaking, if there is more than one beneficiary and one of them passes before the covered person, the proceeds will pass to the survivor, but not always.

What is an Interpleader Action?
When two people make a claim on the same life insurance policy, the company will file an interpleader action in order to determine who has the valid claim.

Does the Beneficiary Have to Pay Bills Left by the Insured?
When considering whether or not you need to pay the deceased bills from the proceeds, it depends on who is named as the beneficiary as to whether it is owed. If the estate is named as beneficiary, then you must pay from the proceeds, but if you are personally named, it flows outside of probate

Can You Surrender a Policy Without Losing Too Much of Your Premium Payments?
Unfortunately, when you decide that it is time to get rid of your life insurance policy, most of your premiums will be lost with the exception of any cash value.

Can You Get a Life Insurance For Your Father if He Was Recently Diagnosed With ALS?
Because ALS is classified as a fatal disease along the lines of cancer, you will not be able to get a standard life insurance policy, but there may be an option in a guaranteed acceptance policy.

Can the Beneficiary Named on a Life Insurance Policy be Changed by a Court?
Bear in mind that there are only very limited situations in which the court is able to force a change of beneficiary, and will not in most situations.

Can an Insurance Claim be Denied if You State in the Application That You Are a Citizen or Resident of the U.S. When You are Not?
Always make sure that you always fill out applications for life insurance completely and honestly. False statements can void the entire policy and the claim.

Can an Adult Child Insure the Patient Without Their Knowledge?
In order to cover final expenses and debts, some people may want to get life insurance on their aging parents, but bear in mind that they must be involved in the process and you cannot get this insurance without them knowing.

What is Whole Life Insurance?
Whole life insurance is insurance that never expires, and there is the added benefit of a built in savings account with it to build value.

Who Gets the Insurance if the Beneficiary Cannot be Found?
especially when you have had a policy for a long time, your beneficiary may have passed away or moved, which could require the courts to decide who receives the payment.

Who Determines if a Questionable Death is Suicide?
If there is suspicion that a death is the result of a suicide, the insurance has the right to investigate the death before paying the benefit. This is especially the case during the first two years that the policy is in force.

What is Variable Life Insurance?
A variable life insurance policy is as much an investment as it is a life insurance policy. This is not without risks, but it is another option for you.

What is the Difference Between Whole Life and Flexible Universal Policy?
With a flexible universal policy, the rates will vary over time, and the premiums may be paid by the policy in the future, but the premiums on a whole life policy will stay the same for the life of the policy.

What is the Difference Between Life Insurance Reinstatement and Revival?
If your insurance policy lapses due to a missed payment, you are not out of luck. Two of the ways that you can get your coverage back are documented here.

What is Participating Life Insurance?
With a participating life insurance policy, the company will invest your premiums and allow you to share in the company’s profits.

What is Last Survivor Life Insurance?
This type of policy has some distinct advantages over other types in insurance, but the biggest downside is that the second spouse will not receive payment when the first spouse passes away.

What is Indeterminate Premium Life Insurance?
This type of policy has a number of advantages over other types of policies, as the early rates are lower, but you need to be prepared financially for changes in the rates over time.

What is Adjustable Whole Life Insurance?
None of our insurance needs remain static over time, and these types of policies can help you to meet your changing needs.

What if the Insurance Company is No Longer in Business?
States have guaranty funds in order to protect citizens if their insurance company goes out of business, but they may not cover the full face value of the policy.

What Happens if the Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy is Deceased?
If the beneficiary of your life insurance policy passes away and you do not update your policy before your death, then the proceeds will be paid to your estate.

What is Permanent Life Insurance?
Permanent, or whole, life insurance policy is not as inexpensive as term, but it never expires, and it does not matter how your health fares, as they cannot cancel it as long as you continue to pay the policy.

How Much Life Insurance Should You Buy?
There are a number of things to consider when calculating your insurance needs, such as your debt load, income, and expenses, so not one number is right for everyone.

How Do You Know if a Life Insurance Offer is Legitimate?
Whenever you are considering a life insurance offer, it is a good idea to do some background checks in order to determine if the offer is a scam or not.

Can People About to Die Take Out Life Insurance Policies?
There is nothing more devastating to a family than battling a terminal illness, but there are ways to put financial protections in place for your family.

What is Variable Universal Life Insurance?
Variable universal life insurance is one of the flavors of permanent life insurance that is available, but it is pricey.

What is Term Life Insurance?
A term life insurance policy is the most affordable ways to ensure that your family is protected in the event of your demise.

What are Vanishing Premiums?
Although vanishing premium policies are no longer allowed, universal policies used to be sold with the belief that eventually the premiums would be self sustaining.

What is Decreasing Term Life Insurance?
Decreasing term life insurance is a good choice for those that see their need for coverage decreasing as they age, and it tends to have lower premiums.

Cash Value Life Insurance Tax
There are tax advantages to permanent life insurance, as you can borrow against the cash value without owing taxes, and your beneficiaries also will not owe taxes on receipts.

How Does a Life Insurance Trust Work?
making a trust the beneficiary of your life insurance policy can help to protect your minors from losing the money or using it in a way that they are not able to handle at their age.

How Long After Filing a Life Insurance Claim Do You Receive Payment?
Most life insurance companies will make payment quickly after a death in order to minimize your pain, but it could take up to 30 days.

How Do You Collect On a Life Insurance Policy?
Most insurance companies will pay the beneficiaries quickly, but it is up to them to inform the company in order to cash in the policy.

Who Can You Insure?
In order to be able to get insurance on someone else, bear in mind that you will need to have an insurable interest in order for it to be enforceable.

How do you find out if someone has a life insurance policy on you?
Although it is difficult to get life insurance coverage on someone without their consent, there are a number of things that you can do if you suspect that someone has taken a policy out om you.

How do you find out if someone had a life insurance policy before they died?
Even if your loved one’s records are not in good shape, there are things that you can do in order to determine that they had life insurance coverage in place.

Life Insurance Wholesaler
Just like wholesalers in any other field of business, a life insurance wholesaler is a middle man that works with retail sales personnel in order to increase their influence.

Life Insurance Weight Charts
One of the many factors that a company will look at when evaluating your ability to gain insurance is your weight due to the many health problems that can result from being over weight.

Life Insurance versus Annuity
Both annuities and life insurance are meant for financial protection, but the key difference is that life insurance is meant to protect those that you leave behind, and an annuity is meant to give you steady income while you live.

Life Insurance Urine Test
The urine test is one of the many evaluation methods that an insurance company will use when calculating the risk and cost of providing you will an insurance policy.

Life Insurance Underwriting
Life insurance underwriting is the means by which the insurance companies will evaluate their risks in order to determine if they should offer a certain type of coverage and at what cost.

Life Insurance with Cancer
Just because you have been diagnosed with cancer does not mean that it will be impossible to obtain coverage. Each case is different, but once treatment is completed, you will often be able to obtain coverage.

Life Insurance and Young People
Generally speaking, the younger that you are, the cheaper your life insurance coverage will be, so it is important to get this protection in place as early as possible.

Life Insurance and Young Adults
No matter what stage of life you are in, it is very important that you have financial protection in place for your family, and life insurance is a great place to start.

Life Insurance Tax
When you receive dividends from your life insurance policy, the dividends are taxable, and the proceeds of the policy are part of the estate and may be subject to estate tax.

Retirement and Life Insurance
When you are looking at your life insurance needs, it is important to take a look at your overall financial picture in order to ensure that your family has the proper level of protection.

Life Insurance Scams to Watch Out For
There are always chances there may be problems with the insurance company that you select, but as long as you are dealing with a company that you can trust, you should be okay.

Life Insurance Riders
There are a variety of riders that you can attach to a life insurance policy, and these are additional benefits for you and your family.

Life Insurance Ratings
Be sure to do the groundwork necessary to check the independent financial ratings of any company that you are considering purchasing insurance from, as you are relying on them to take care of your family.

Life Insurance Prices
When looking for a new insurance policy, you should get quotes from more than one company, as the price structure can vary widely between them.

Life Insurance Medical Exam
As a part of getting a life insurance policy in place, they will require you to take a medical examination in order to properly rate the policy, unless you have selected a more expensive guaranteed acceptance policy.

Life Insurance Income Tax
When your heirs receive the proceeds from your life insurance policy, they are generally free from income tax, although some policies that provide annuities may be an exception.

Life Insurance Health Questions
Sometimes a life insurance company will rely on a health questionnaire only, rather than require a physical, but some companies will require both.

Life Insurance as an Investment
Life insurance may be a good option for supplementing your retirement investments and income, as well as for your overall financial plan.

Life Insurance Trust
Setting up an insurance trust may make sense to your overall estate plan, but be sure to discuss this with your financial planner, as this is a one way change, because there is no going back.

Types of Life Insurance
When you get ready to purchase life insurance, among the options that you will have are the various types of policies, such as term, whole, and universal life.

Life Insurance Proceeds
Although the proceeds of life insurance policies do apply toward the estate tax limitations, they are not subject to income tax.

Life Insurance Physical
In order to properly rate your policy, you will need to complete a basic physical and health screening.

Life Insurance Laws
This mutual contract between you the insurance is designed to give your family peace of mind, and making sure that the laws are on your side.

Tips on Taking a Life Insurance Exam
A life insurance exam is a simple physical screening in order to ensure that you do not have any underlying health problems that will increase the company’s risk.

The Basics on Taking a Life Insurance Health Exam
When you apply for an insurance policy, they will want to give you a medical exam in order to rate the risk properly, but this is a relatively simple exam.

Life Insurance for Seniors
As a senior, you may want to use life insurance as part of your estate plan, or to ensure that your spouse can stay in your home, and there are many options for your to look at.

Life Insurance Estimator
Your family’s financial needs will not change when you die, as there will still be debt, college, living expenses, etc., so it is important to calculate their needs rather than just picking a number.

Life Insurance and Gift Taxes
Gift taxes of 35% are levied on any gift that is in excess of $13,000 to an individual during a calendar year, but you can avoid this by allowing them to be the beneficiary of an insurance policy as long as they are named before the death.

Getting Life Insurance for the Elderly
By getting life insurance as a senior, at the very least you will ensure that your burial does not burden the family, but it can also may on tax free money.

Getting Life Insurance for Children
Life insurance is very inexpensive for children, and parents should think about whether or not they want this additional coverage in place if the unthinkable happens.

Life Insurance Guidelines
When purchasing a policy, you need to consider numerous options, such as how much money your family will need in the future to meet financial needs, along with the protection time you will need.

Life Insurance Facts
When beginning the process of getting life insurance to protect your family, it is important to take the time to educate yourself about the options before you sit down with an agent.

The Basics on Getting a Life Insurance
During you course of getting life insurance, there are many things that you will want to look at, such as the type of policy and the amount of coverage.

Life Insurance Exam
Insurance companies will be evaluating the risk of covering you when they issue you a policy, and most of the time they will they will require a medical exam.

Life Insurance Cost
The rates that you pay for your life insurance wil be greatly impacted by three factors: your health, your lifestyle, and your age.

Life Insurance Company Rankings
You rely on the insurance company giving your family protection, and because of this, it is important to monitor their financial stability from time to time.

Life Insurance Cash Value
One of the advantages with whole life insurance cover is that you will be able to slowly build up value over time.

Life Insurance Audit
From time to time, it is very important to take a look at where you stand so that you can ensure that your life insurance coverage is able to meet your family’s needs.

Life Insurance Exclusions
In order to protect the company, the life insurance company will place exclusions for suicide and dangerous activities by the covered person.

Life Insurance Estate Tax
If you want to make sure that your heirs can receive the life insurance without being concerned with estate taxes, make sure that the beneficiary is the owner of the policy instead of you.

Life Insurance Brokers
A insurance broker has the ability to market your policy needs to many different companies, and this will often allow you to save money, since an agent is ties to a single company.

Life Insurance Blood Test
The blood test that the insurance company will take is an evaluation method for evaluating the risks in offering your coverage, but a bad result will not necessarily deny you coverage.

Life Insurance Basics
The field of life insurance can be confusing, but we are going to try to clear the air and get rid of some misconceptions.

Life Insurance Advice
If we love our families, it is very important to have life insurance coverage in place so that in the event of our demise, they will not be destitute.

Divorce and Life Insurance
In order to make sure that your children are cared for after a divorce in the event of your death, it is a good idea to put life insurance in place.

Diabetes and Life Insurance
Life insurance does not have to be out of reach for those that have diabetes as long as you watch your diet and keep it under control.

Life Insurance: When Does It Really Start?
When you apply for coverage, your life insurance will not be effective until you have made the payment and completed your physical, along with meeting any other requirements that they have.

Cash Value
Cash value will build up as part of your whole life insurance policy, and this is the amount that will be paid to you if you cancel the policy.

We All Need Life Insurance
Life insurance is meant to provide protection from the loss of your income to your family in the event of your untimely death.

What Is Term Life Insurance?
Getting the proper amount of coverage in place to protect your family is far easier and more affordable when you look into term life insurance coverage.

Understanding Permanent Life Insurance
Permanent life insurance will allow you to build up cash savings over time, and it will also never need to be renewed.

The True Value of Life
Calculating the proper amount of insurance that you need in order to protect your family from financial loss in the event of your debt is not that difficult to perform.

What Should I Look For In a Life Insurance Policy?
When purchasing life insurance, there is no one perfect policy that is best for all people.

Life Insurance Application Denial: To Appeal Or Not To Appeal
You are not without options if you are denied life insurance coverage, as sometimes lifestyle changes can remove the barrier.

Life Insurance: Where Does It Fit In A Single’s Lifestyle?
Single people do not have an immediate need for life insurance, but it is a good part of any solid financial plan.

How Much Life Insurance Do You REALLY Need?
The term that people need is typically a multiple of their yearly salary in order to provide income after they are gone.

How Much Is Enough Life Insurance?
The amount of life insurance coverage that you will need to purchase can vary widely based on your family situation.

Term Life Insurance Plan: Choosing Your Lock In Period
Term life insurance can be purchased for a variety of terms, and the rates can vary widely based on how long you lock the rate in for.

What Are Some Factors That Could Affect My Life Insurance Rate?
Not only your health and lifestyle, but also your career, can impact the rates you pay for life insurance.

Do I Need Life Insurance?
Do I need life insurance? This is a question everyone should ask. We’ll show you why you may need life insurance.

Life Insurance for Young Adults
Many people put off purchasing the life insurance they need out of fear – fear that they will not be able to afford the premiums.

Diabetes and Life Insurance
Health issues are among the most troublesome outside factors that those in need of life insurance coverage must face.

Life Insurance for New Parents
New parents have lots of decisions to make, but life insurance should definitely be one of them.

Life Insurance for Children
While most adults recognize the importance of having life insurance for themselves, the idea of insuring the lives of their children is often overlooked.

How Do I Choose a Coverage Amount for Life Insurance
Choosing the right amount of life insurance coverage is important. Being able to cover some or all of your expenses is what’s most important.

What Does Life Insurance Accomplish
Life insurance accomplishes a variety of needs. Most importantly, life insurance pays off major expenses to ensure your family members are debt free.

How to Upgrade a Life Insurance Policy
Having your life insurance reviewed every 5-10 years or so is a good idea. Upgrading may be necessary!

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance is similar to life insurance but with a few differences.

HIV and Life Insurance
HIV is a medical condition that can adversely effect one’s ability to purchase adequate life insurance.

Key Person Life Insurance
Key person life insurance plays a vital role in corporate America.

Cancer and Life Insurance
Cancer doesn’t automatically disqualify an individual from life insurance coverage.

Where to Buy Affordable Life Insurance
USA Coverage alone provides access to quotes from more than 350 life insurance policies.

Life Insurance for those with Pre-Existing Conditions
Those with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, depression, cancer, or family heath issues can find it difficult to afford the right life insurance policy.

Burial Insurance
Learn how burial insurance, otherwise known as funeral insurance or final expense insurance covers costs associated with funeral expenses.

Term Life vs. Whole Life Insurance – the Pros and Cons
Understanding the differences of term life insurance and whole life insurance will help you make an informed decision on which policy is best for you.

All About Mortgage Protection Insurance
Mortgage protection insurance is a fancy name for a life insurance product designed to last the term of your mortgage and pay it off in case you pass.

High Risk Life Insurance
Learn all about high risk life insurance, who offers it and what you can expect to pay.

Term Life vs. Return Of Premium
Get the low down on the pros-and-cons of term life insurance and return of premium life insurance.

Options for Those Who Have Been Denied Life Insurance Coverage
If you have been denied life insurance coverage you already know how heart wrenching and difficult it can be. Don’t worry, there are options!

Life Insurance Premium Options
Life insurance carriers present several options for paying your premiums.

No Physical Life Insurance
No physical life insurance or non-medical exam life insurance is a great option for those that would prefer instant term life insurance without a medical exam.

Final Expense Life Insurance
Final expense life insurance or sometimes referred to as burial life insurance is a product designed to cover the expenses of a funeral and burial.

How to Choose Your Beneficiary
The Beneficiary receives the proceeds from a life insurance claim so it is very important to choose your beneficiary wisely.

What To Do if Your Life Insurance Lapses
If your life insurance policy lapses and you need coverage contact your life insurance company to see if they can or will reinstate the policy.

Universal Life vs. Whole Life Insurance
It is not always easy to determine which type of coverage is the best, since each individual will have different life insurance needs. Here are some pros and cons of each.

Joint Life Insurance
Joint life insurance is designed to protect the lives of two people instead of just one, making these policies a great choice for couples.

How to Keep Track of Your Life Insurance Policy
Creating a central repository of vital documents does more than make your life simpler.

Life Insurance Ratings Explained
Learn all about life insurance ratings and why they are important.

How to Find Lost Life Insurance
So you or your loved one has lost a life insurance policy. Getting a new policy is not difficult.

How to File a Life Insurance Claim
Information and resources for filing a life insurance claim.

Life Insurance Tax Breaks
Learn all about the taxation and benefits to owning and paying for a life insurance policy.

Life Insurance and Dangerous Jobs
If your shopping for life insurance and work a dangerous job be prepared for higher premiums.

How Life Insurance Claims are Distributed
There are many ways life insurance claims can be distributed, learn about the pros and cons of each.

Life Insurance Riders
Learn all about life insurance riders, what riders are usually available and what they do.

What to Look for When Comparing Life Insurance Quotes
When comparing life insurance quotes there are a number of factors one should consider.

Understanding Instant Issue Life Insurance
Instant issue life insurance is a type of life insurance coverage provides instant coverage, with no waiting period required.

Term life Insurance VS Whole Life Insurance
We answer the age old question term life or whole life. An apples-to-apples comparison including pros and cons of each.

Get the Coverage You Need with Smoker’s Life Insurance
Information on availability and options for smokers life insurance.

Protect Yourself and Your Family with Seniors Life Insurance
Senior life insurance policy options. Consider a senior universal or senior whole life insurance policy.

All About The Life Insurance Medical Exam
Information on a life insurance medical exam. What to expect and why life insurance companies require them.

How Life Insurance Works
Learn all about life insurance. From policy issuance to claims and death benefits.

In-Depth View Of A Life Insurance Policy
Take an in-depth view of a life insurance policy.

Life Insurance Underwriting
Learn all about the life insurance underwriting process. How life insurance companies use Actuarial Science to categorize risk.

All About Life Insurance Applications
Learn all about a life insurance application. If your applying for life insurance coverage read this article.

How the USA Coverage Life Insurance Quoting System Works
Using USA Coverage for your life insurance quote comparison is easy. Learn how to use our website.

Life Insurance Health Appointment Tips
Tips and information about life insurance medical exams.

Term Life Insurance
Term life insurance is the most popular type of life insurance. Learn why most people choose term life for their life insurance coverage.

Universal Life Insurance
Many insurance shoppers like the flexibility universal life insurance can provide. In this article, we give you an overview of whole life and how it differs from other policies.

Whole Life Insurance
By combining an element of investment with the standard death benefit the family can enjoy not only the financial peace of mind that comes with life insurance but the potential for a significant cash value appreciation as well.

Variable Life Insurance
Learn all about Variable Life Insurance and why one may want consider a variable policy over a permanent policy.

Permanent Life Insurance
As the name implies, permanent life insurance is designed to provide permanent coverage to the insured, making it a good choice for many individuals.

Mortgage Life Insurance
Learn all about Mortgage Life Insurance and the benefits it has over standard whole or term life insurance.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
A type of life insurance known in the industry as guaranteed acceptance life insurance provides individuals with guaranteed coverage, no matter what the state of their health.

Ways to Get Cheap Life Insurance
Saving money is on everyone’s mind. Finding cheap life insurance shouldn’t be difficult. Read our article on ways to find the most affordable life insurance coverage.

Return of Premium Life Insurance
If you’ve shopped for term life insurance then likely you’ve encountered Return of Premium life insurance. In this article, we answer all your ROP questions.

Options for Over 50 Life Insurance Coverage
Finding affordable life insurance for those over 50 is difficult. We’ll show you how to find the most affordable and best coverage for seniors and those over 50 years old.

No Exam Life Insurance
There are reasons people choose no medical exam life insurance over standard term life insurance products. Learn about the sudden popularity in no exam insurance.

How Do Companies Calculate Life Insurance Rates
Learn how life insurance rates are calculated. By understanding how life insurance companies arrive at their premiums, applicants can get the most coverage for their money and still provide their loved ones with the protection they need and deserve.

Exploring Your Life Insurance Options
There are many types of life insurance. Knowing which life insurance policy to choose can be confusing. We break down the ins-and-outs of term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, no medical exam and guaranteed issue life insurance.