Life Insurance Health Appointment Tips

> You should COMPLETELY FAST (NO EATING, AND DRINK ONLY WATER) for 6 hours prior to the exam. (We recommend 12 hours for the best possible results.)

> Stay off salt for 3-4 days prior to exam – may have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.

> No alcohol for 24 hours prior to exam, as alcohol tends to elevate blood pressure for 12-24 hours.

> Get a good night’s rest before the examination.

> No heavy meals and little or no caffeine on morning of the exam. Decaffeinated coffee and a light breakfast would be best.

> Do not smoke within 30 minutes of exam. Smoking tends to constrict artery walls and elevate blood pressure.

> Have the exam in the morning because you will be more relaxed.

> Provide urine specimen before blood pressure check if possible. Elimination of fluids tends to moderately lower blood pressure.

No stimulants (caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes)
Morning exam
Blood pressure after you have had a chance to relax – 3 minute attempts at 10 minute intervals

Exam 2 ½ hours after meal, and no sweets or sugar after the meal
Empty bladder right after meal
2-3 glasses of water before the exam

URINARY SPECIMEN PROBLEMS: (albumin, RCBs, sugar, etc)
Empty bladder right after meals
Drink 2-3 glasses of water before the exam
No sweets or foods with sugar content before exam

Have exam 2 ½ hours after a light meal
No stimulants

FINAL TIP: Do not try to hide any medical history – be completely candid with your examiner.