Life Insurance Urine Test

If you are planning on applying for and purchasing life insurance, then prepare yourself for the required medical and urine examination. You may have no issue with a general medical evaluation but you may be asking yourself – why the need for a life insurance urine test?

Life insurance urine test is included in the life insurance medical evaluation in order to check for potentially high levels of drugs and alcohols. The results of this evaluation, together with that of the other procedures done such as blood tests, are all taken into consideration and are part of the things that affect the financial risk that a person poses to an insurance company.

Life insurance is a protection that is offered for the family of the policyholder – upon the death of the insured, the agreement requires that the insurance company stands by the stipulations of the contract and provides the benefits of the plan to the family of the deceased.

Given this scenario, a person who is applying for coverage will be assessed by the insurance company first before agreement for a particular plan’s purchase is provided to the customer. As a business entity, policy providers also have the right to engage in activities that are meant to provide their companies huge profit margins.

This is the reason why an insurance company must determine the kind of financial risk it will be taking on when it accepts customer purchases of its policies and products. After all, if policyholders have a medical history or have diseases that can contribute to their deaths, the company will be liable for the insurance claims of the beneficiaries.

A life insurance urine test can provide additional and accurate medical information that the company can use to define the policy stipulations for the specific needs of the policyholder, or to offer another comprehensive policy that is better suited to the insured person.

However why do insurance companies prefer the use of a life insurance urine test? Because a urine test can easily show the abnormalities present, unlike a blood test. A person who will test positive for high-risk diseases may possibly have higher premium plans rather than another healthy individual who will not show any signs of medical issues.

Tests, like a urine test, are utilized by insurance for policies that involve huge amounts of money. Low-valued insurance policies normally do not require the insured to undergo a battery of medical tests. Companies primarily look for the occurrence of these concerns in the test results: nicotine, drugs, and medical conditions or illnesses. There are some instances when a person who wishes to apply and purchase a particular plan have not provided accurate information on his occasional smoking habits – the medical tests will show the levels of existing nicotine within his body and the stipulations of the plan he wants may change or the plan itself can change, based on the evaluation and assessment of the insurance company.

Some people may intentionally miss out on providing information about their habits, like smoking, because they wish to be awarded non-smokers’ premiums which are considerably lower than smokers’ rates. But such tests as the life insurance test can bare the truth. This will result to the insurance company giving you smokers’ rate standards once it awards you with the policy.

However, for cases where the applicant passes the test and was later found out to have provided inaccurate information in the application, the death benefits of the plan can be held back by the company.

You are purchasing life insurance because you wish to safeguard the future lives of your family. Will you allow this to be compromised because you happen to withhold some medical information that the insurance company requires?

The life insurance urine test is just one of the simple medical procedures that companies require in order to ensure that the information you provide is accurate and updated. This is a standard process that companies undertake to ensure that with the products they provide, both you and the company are well protected from financial risk. Do not take any chances and gamble away your family’s future. Be honest and upfront; the company will have a way of checking out the data you provide them with.