Focus Guaranteed Level Term Series

The Focus Guaranteed Level Term Series SM are renewable and convertible term life insurance policies (Policy Form #051131700) with initial level premiums guaranteed for either 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. Your premium is guaranteed level for the entire initial period selected.

After the initial term period, your premiums are subject to change annually. If these premiums are changed, they will not exceed the maximum annual premiums shown in your policy.

The Focus Term Series policies are designed to provide individuals with life insurance protection for their families and businesses at a reasonable cost.

The Focus Term Series policies are renewable to age 100 regardless of changes in your health after the policy is issued.

Conversion Privilege
The conversion option is included on all Focus Term Series policies. During the initial policy years, a Focus Term Series policy may be changed (converted) to a Company designated life insurance policy available at the time of conversion. Conversions must be made prior to the last conversion date shown on the Policy Specifications in the policy and prior to the Insured’s 75th birthday.

Evidence of insurability is not required if the face amount of the new policy is not greater than the original policy and no riders are requested. The conversion is subject to the terms of the policy. The new policy will be issued at the Insured’s attained age and with a risk classification that most closely corresponds to the risk classification of the original policy.

Rider and supplemental benefits may be converted with the base policy, if available, provided that satisfactory evidence of insurability is obtained at the owner’s expense.

Premium Classes
Underwriting rate classes for nontobacco and tobacco users are available. For those who qualify, Super Preferred and Preferred risk categories are also available.

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider
(Form #962096200 or #002096200)
In the event of a terminal illness (less than one year life expectancy diagnosed by an authorized physician), the Company can authorize an interest-bearing loan up to 75% of the face amount of your policy to help you meet your financial needs. The minimum loan is $15,000, and the maximum loan is $250,000. This feature is automatically included with your policy and there is no charge until this benefit is applied for. The Death Benefit and policy values, if any, will be reduced if Accelerated Death Benefit payment is made and may be taxable. Subject to limitations. Not available in all states.
Product not approved in all states. Please contact your agent for details.