What Should You Do if The Life Insurance Company Denied You The Claim Money Saying The Application Submitted Was Untrue About The Insured’s Health?

Wrong information on your insurance application may be one of the worst mistakes you can ever make in your life. Not only will it deny your claim money, but it may also lead you to a lawsuit. So before you start thinking of ways to fool your insurance company of any illness or disease that may have inflicted you in the past, better think a hundred times over if you are ready to face the consequence of your action.

Common Misinformation in Insurance Applications

Health Conditions
We know very much that the amount of your premium is greatly influenced by your health. A healthier and younger body entails cheaper premiums. So some applicants will do their very best just to show that they are physically fit and healthy. Unfortunately, when their need for medical assistance arises and the insurance company discovers that the information in their application is not as accurate as it is, then they have the right to deny you your claim money.

A healthy body implies a healthy lifestyle. Your insurance company knows better thus insurance application forms will ask you typical questions which will reveal if you are a previous smoker, drug dependent, or alcoholic. Of course, it would be quite difficult on their part to check the credibility of your statement unless they reserve sets of laboratory expenses that will verify your lifestyle declaration. Unfortunately when you start suffering from kidney and lung problems and your medical laboratory exposes that you are a previous substance or drug dependent then it signals the end of your claim money.

Legal Activities
Drinking while driving convictions and traffic rules violations are one of the most common lies seen in insurance application. Some drivers will admit one or two violations in their application but admitting to several of these violations is rarely seen in insurance applications.

Financial Activities
The income of the applicant has significant effects on the coverage of life insurance policies. Others who wish to take advantage of more comprehensive life insurance coverage plan place a higher income in their insurance application just for them to quality to these. While others who intend to go to dangerous places in the world because of their business transactions also have the tendency to lie about it because doing so will lead to higher premiums.

Since there are some insurance companies who rarely accept applicants who are not yet citizens of the U.S., some non-residents are tempted to place erroneous nationality information on their application forms. Little do they know that doing so may not only lead to their life insurance to be void, but it may also lead to their possible deployment.

For those who have already done the above mentioned lies in their application and has been denied of their claim money, the best thing you can do is to prove that the misinformation was unintentionally committed. Nevertheless, you will need a very good lawyer that will prove you have no ill intention for indicating lies in your application because these insurance companies have several good lawyers who are always ready to refute your arguments. Several doctor certifications will help you a lot so better retrieve all of these documents which will prove the allegation wrong.