New York Life Insurance License and Exam Scheduling

Congratulations on your interest to become one of New York’s most successful life insurance agents. A career as a life insurance producer can be very profitable. Before you are able to sell life insurance in major cities like New York City you will need to complete a State exam and apply for your license. To study for your New York life insurance license we recommend study guides and classes from Amazon and AD Banker.

New York State Insurance Department
Licensing Bureau

1 Commerce Plaza 20th Fl
Albany, NY 12257
Phone: 518-474-6630

Life Insurance Exam Provider:

After you have scheduled your exam a PSI Exams and successfully completed the exam you will need to apply for your New York Life Insurance license here.

As soon as you receive your license contact us so we can appoint you with our large list of insurance companies, provide leads, quoting engines and more.