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Our mission is to provide guidance and assistance to all residents of Minnesota who are searching for life insurance. Whether you are in Minneapolis-St. Paul or St. Cloud, we have more than 350 life insurance plans available at our fingertips. USA helps hundreds of Minnesota residents find term life insurance each month, regardless of location or age. After analyzing your needs and liabilities, we can provide you with comparisons of different plans, and help by giving you a recommendation.

Life Insurance
At USA coverage, we are aware that different people not only have different needs for term life insurance, but also have different budgets, assets, and liabilities. In fact, most people don’t know the technical name of the product that’s best for them. A term life insurance policy may be the right option for you, but your neighbor may require a modified whole life insurance policy. You may want coverage for only 5 years or you may want to be covered for 30 it all depends We can help you complete the process quickly, via an online form or one of our local telephone numbers below. With universal and no exam life insurance, among other types, you are guaranteed to find the plan that is right for you, and may even be able to obtain same day coverage!

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